Pigtails and Crewcuts is known for their child-centric salon which brings to life a colorful wonderland experience filled with toys, trains, books, movies, video games and their signature automobile and airplane chairs. My husband and I are usually in Liberty Station area enjoying some church time with our family. One day we just happened to be walking around when we noticed the salon, I immediately fell in love with the trendy atmosphere and the design of the place. I also couldn’t help but notice all the kids so excited and looking so fresh with their new haircuts.

Pigtails and crewcuts salonDuring the time we took our son to get his first hair cut, he was immediately drawn to the train station that is located behind the receptionist area. This was the perfect entertainment section since it’s hard to keep him calm for a period of time, luckily we didn’t wait too long for his hair cut.

pigtails and crewcuts salon in san diegoYou can see the look of excitement on my son’s face after he was placed on the seat, it was such a great experience watching him get his first haircut. Even though my son wasn’t too fond of having a foreign object close to his head, I loved the interaction between the hair stylist and my son, she was willing to make any accommodations in order to give him a pleasant experience, animal crackers and lollipops definitely did the trick.
pigtails and crewcuts for back to schoolPigtails and crewcuts salon in san diegoSince my son’s first haircut with Pigtails and Crewcuts, I have relied on them to provide a fun and professional experience. The salon is dedicated to giving children the best looks at a great price with the added perks of having a playroom and educational toys available, along with a variety of cool products to purchase. If you’re ever in the San Diego area (liberty Station) be sure to stop by their salon. What haircut locations do you recommend for kids? I’d love to hear, have a great day!

Pigtails and crewcuts salon in san diego