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I was recently invited to visit SeaWorld San Diego and share the experience with my readers – and it was amazing! My family and I discovered the magic of SeaWorld on a whole new level. We were taken behind the scenes and witnessed how much care and dedication is put into preserving the life of all the animals. It really made me feel at ease enjoying the day at the park, knowing first-hand that the staff are doing all they can to create a wonderful living environment for the animals.

But let’s start at the beginning. SeaWorld San Diego has always had a special place in my life. I have countless memories of my mother taking myself and my brother, which was awesome for us kids. Now it’s my turn to take my own children and let them experience SeaWorld, and I’m so happy they get to see things in a new way; one that offers so much more education and interaction not only with the staff, but with the animals that call SeaWorld home. SeaWorld is more than just a great way for guests to explore the world they live in – my kids left the park inspired by what they learned and they now want to take action to protect the ocean and its animals.

SeaWorld San Diego
Our children petting Sandy, who was such a beauty.

Casual visitors might not understand just how much dedication and hard work the staff put into their jobs taking care of the animals at SeaWorld. During our visit, we got to tour the state-of-the-art in-house facilities for treatments like radiology, pathology as well as a dedicated area where mama mammals can come for alone time or a break from their babies (Even marine moms need a break from their kids!). Many of the animals become like children to the staff members who have devoted their lives to protecting and caring for them. The bond between the trainers and animals is definitely something to see and admire.

seaworld san diego shamu show

The biggest thing we learned during our day at the park is that SeaWorld has so much more to offer than just the rides and attractions – it’s about getting to know the history and lifestyle of these precious animals. Learning where the animals come from and what their lives are like, helps to create a closer connection between them and the guests that visit SeaWorld. As a San Diego native, I can tell you first-hand how many times I have taken my visit for granted; with so many visitors, it can be difficult to fully appreciate SeaWorld and understand the hard work and commitment that goes into creating such an awesome experience. SeaWorld is one of the largest marine animal rescue operations in the world and caters to over 20 million annual guests.

Up close and personal Inside The Penguin Encounter

Throughout the tour, we were introduced to the many ways the animals are nurtured and raised at SeaWorld, along with state of the art healthcare that is offered. Seeing how the animals interacted with my children made the whole tour especially enjoyable. Overall, our visit to SeaWorld went beyond our expectations, and I’m sure it will remain an unforgettable experience our family will be talking about for years to come.

We weren’t ready to leave after all the fun we had experienced, but there are a few upcoming attractions that we’re looking forward to for our next visit.  This summer, SeaWorld will be opening three new exhibits that will let visitors experience marine life in uniquely personal ways. First, the Orca Encounter will give guests an opportunity to witness the natural behaviors of these amazing animals up close via a large infinity screen that will bring their story to life in an exciting way. Secondly, during the Ocean Explorer and Electric Ocean are opening during Memorial Day weekend, and these two features will be a festival of lights, music, and vibrant colors, plus there is going to be electrifying dance music and dazzling lights that I’m sure many families will love. We can’t wait to visit SeaWorld again this summer!

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