Bracero Restaurant is Located in the heart of Little Italy, on the corner of Beech and Kettner Blvd. Little Italy is one of my favorite spots to visit in San Diego,  there is so much culture and unique eateries. After doing a google search on the location I was pleasantly surprised to know Bracero was located in one of my favorite parts of town. There is nothing more I love than having good food and good convo and I experienced that at Bracero with the company of my hubby.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, we noticed the modern yet authentic design outside where we waited for lunch time to begin at 11:30am. Once we entered Bracero, I fell in love with the vibe and detail of the restaurant.

My husband and I reviewed the menu and were pleased to know the quality and authenticity of the food were its’ focus.  We started off with a Lemon Chia Agua Fresca that was seriously mouth quenching and then we went on to order two drinks from the bar. My choices were the No Mames and Mahalo Guey! (the names are what sold me) … drink consisted of green tea that was infused with rum with a hint of coconut flavor, while the Mezcal had a strong first impression, what do you expect with Mezcal?

No Mames Drink

After we enjoyed our drinks we went onto to order a few more items from the menu. We were told from our waitress Itzel, that these particular items were the most popular and satisfying. She was right! We were blown away at the “Esquites” Street style corn, there was this fire roasted flavor that added the perfect taste to the corn. It was seriously delicious.

“Esquites” street style corn

The next few items we ordered were nothing short of what we experienced with the street style corn. We went on to order the Slow Braised Brisket Torta, along with the Romesco Tortilla Soup that made me feel like I was tasting my mom’s home cooking.

We ended our visit at Bracero restaurant with a flan dessert. I had not had flan since I was a child so when I tasted it, once again I was impressed. The flavor of the of the mini churros and strawberries enhanced the overall taste of the flan. We were both satisfied with our meals and enjoyed our experience.


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