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Wounded Warrior Project Ball

A few weeks back my husband and I had the pleasure of attending the Wounded Warrior Ball. This year it was held at the beautiful Paradise Point Resort in San Diego. We were so excited to know it was being held there because we had been there in the past and had one of the best times ever. I had the chance to get dolled up, which is not a recurrence, so I went shopping and found the perfect LBD. Being at the side of my husband along with the other Marines, really put things in perspective. Many people come to know my husband and see him as a regular guy, yet have no clue that he suffers from PTSD and TBI due to combat and multiple deployments among other things. Because of the Wounded Warrior Project, he is able to find a community with¬†other men and he’s able to be himself without feeling lost. Just thinking of the sacrifices everyone in that ballroom made and to be able to celebrate with others on that night was pretty amazing. The food was delicious¬†and the entertainment portion of the night was great to watch. The Satin Dolls were a hit and they performed so beautifully.

San Diego Events: Fall Fashion in The Valley

September was such a great month. There was so much going on and I didn’t want it to end, I was invited to attend the Fall Fashion In The Valley event held in San Diego. The event was amazing, as soon as my friend and I arrived there were goody bags waiting for all the guests.

fall fashion in the valley

fall fashion in the valleyThere were a variety of vendors offering samples and consultations, one of my all time favorite, Kiehl’s.

fall fashion in the valleyThe music couldn’t have been any better. The DJ was playing the hottest hits, which set the mood for the event.

fall fashion in the valley

Finally the show began and all the models were so beautiful and worked that runway until their heels fell off, literally. The men weren’t too shabby either ha-ha.

fall fashion in the valley

fall fashion in the valley

One of the highlights of the night was definitely the acrobatic yoga, which I never heard of until that night. I was blown away at the movements this couple was performing. It was amazing!

acrobat yoga

acrobat yogaHere are a few pics of my date and I, it was total last minute, but she was able to make it out with me and we had an awesome time.

fall fashion in the valleyOne of my favorite photographers in San Diego Jessie Arroyo

fall fashion in the valleyTowards the end of the night, I was thirsty from all the excitement taking place, so I grabbed myself a nice and refreshing drink from Fashion Valley. This night was one of the highlights of September, and I am so glad to have been apart of it. Thank you Noelle for everything.

fall fashion in the valley

Wounded Warrior Family Event

Last Weekend my family and I attended an event hosted by the Wounded Warrior Project. This happened to be the same time as our son’s baseball game on MCRD, so timing was a little off for us, but we convinced our boy that he would have a much better time with family and friends. I can’t even explain how much fun we had, especially the kids. Before attending the event, my husband had sent me an email showing what was going to take place, as soon as I seen paddle boarding and canoeing I was convinced. I love attending all the Wounded Warrior Project events because it allows our children to gain a better understanding of those who have sacrificed their lives in order for us to enjoy ours…..there were numerous times I would hear comments from our kids saying, “look mom, that guy has no legs.” There was this one gentlemen that took me and my husband by surprise, we quickly notice that more than half his body was amputated. The beauty of it all was his candid expression and how he was more concerned with living in the moment. This man did all the sports that many of us were doing including paddle boarding. There were surf boards designed for those who had missing limbs….