A few weeks back my husband and I had the pleasure of attending the Wounded Warrior Ball. This year it was held at the beautiful Paradise Point Resort in San Diego. We were so excited to know it was being held there because we had been there in the past and had one of the best times ever. I had the chance to get dolled up, which is not a recurrence, so I went shopping and found the perfect LBD. Being at the side of my husband along with the other Marines, really put things in perspective. Many people come to know my husband and see him as a regular guy, yet have no clue that he suffers from PTSD and TBI due to combat and multiple deployments among other things. Because of the Wounded Warrior Project, he is able to find a community with other men and he’s able to be himself without feeling lost. Just thinking of the sacrifices everyone in that ballroom made and to be able to celebrate with others on that night was pretty amazing. The food was delicious and the entertainment portion of the night was great to watch. The Satin Dolls were a hit and they performed so beautifully.
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